Flexoject™ Dispensing Tips OUT OF STOCK

  • Flexoject™ silicone dispensing tips are interchangeable with any Luer Lock or Luer Slip style syringe. Flexoject™ dispensers are made in the USA from medical grade silicone that is manufactured to be soft and flexible. These features allow the dispensing end to gently bend, resulting in less spillage and more successful delivery of liquids.

    ****Flexoject's are designed for external use, NOT for implantation****

    Flexoject™ Compatible Syringes:

    Unit Conversions:
    1mL = 1cc
    1tsp = 5cc
    1tbsp = 15cc
    1oz. = 30cc

  • All of our luer lock syringes are fully compatible and removable with all sizes of Flexoject™ dispensing tips. Your selection of what luer lock syringe to use is determined by the volume of liquid or semi liquid that you need to dispense. Keep in mind that Luer Lock syringes have a 2mm wide opening which is not intended for dispensing chunky foods.

      • Our 5cc and 10cc luer lock syringes are now all plastic. These are great for dispensing powder based supplements, that can react with the rubber and latex in standard luer lock syringes.

        Our Luer style syringes are only available to purchase with Flexoject

    Orders of just luer syringes without Flexoject's may be cancelled.
Flexoject Dispensing Tips

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